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TOPIC: “Four Fortresses in the Balkans”

The “Four Fortresses in the Balkans” photo contest, organized within the scope of the “Creative History Balkans Tour” project, uses the power of creative industries in an innovative way in order to promote the cultural heritage and tourist pearls of the region.

It is founded on four historic fortresses in four countries in the Balkans:

The aim of the project is to develop the sector of tourism in the target areas, using creative industries and cultural heritage in order to add value and quality to the tourist offer in these regional tourist pearls.

The project is implemented by the EXIT Foundation, supported by the European Union and the Regional Cooperation Council.

The best photographs of the fortresses will be published on the CHBT internet portal and EXIT online networks and channels, while “the best of the best” photographs will be rewarded.

PRIZES: The best photographs will be rewarded:

  1. First prize: EUR 1,000 (gross)
  2. Second prize: EUR 500 (gross)
  3. Third prize: EUR 300 (gross)
  4. Fourth prize: Two tickets for EXIT or Sea Dance Festival

*Note: The amounts represent gross amounts and taxes shall be deducted from them.

PARTICIPANTS: Eligible participants are the citizens of the following countries: Serbia 🇷🇸, Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦, Montenegro 🇲🇪 and Albania 🇦🇱, regardless of their age.

REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS: The contest will be advertised through all media channels, networks and portals used by EXIT.

In order to take part in the contest, participant need to complete and submit the online registration form.

Registrations are accepted from 16.5.2019.

Deadline for registration: 31.5.2019

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: Each contestant can submit up to 3 photographs, each limited to 5 Mb (megabytes) in size.

The registration form should contain the following:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Town, country and region where the contestant resides
  • Date of birth of the contestant (DD-MM-YYYY)

The registration form should be submitted to: [email protected]

CONTEST RESULTS: The final selection of photographs will be made by a three-member expert committee. The winners of the online photography contests will be announced on 4thJune at the CHBT portal and all EXIT portals. Also, the winners will receive information about the results via e-mail.

SELECTION CRITERIA: The photographs will be assessed based on their relevance and quality presented in the context of the contest’s topic.

COPYRIGHT AND REPRODUCTION: By accepting to take part in the contest, the contestant agrees that the EXIT Foundation has the right to publish and present their photographs in print editions, online and electronic media and wherever it finds it necessary for the purpose of promoting the contest.

The authors of the selected photographs will make the photographs available for future use, with or without any set conditions, which would contribute to the visibility of their work.

Any moral or previous right regarding the project that is submitted to the contest is the property of the author. However, by submitting photographs to the contest, the author agrees that the EXIT Foundation and the Regional Cooperation Council will have the exclusive right for any future use of the photographs.

All contestants agree that their submissions can be published or presented by the EXIT Foundation and the Regional Cooperation Council in print, online or electronic media for the purpose of promoting the Creative History Balkans Tour project.

The EXIT Foundation and the Regional Cooperation Council or any of their employees shall not be deemed responsible for:

  • any expenses / losses / liabilities that have incurred in relation to the program
  • any unfulfilled expectation of profit on behalf of the contestant
  • any failure on behalf of the contestant to understand their rights regarding intellectual property or the organizers’ rights regarding intellectual property
  • any kind of other benefit that the contestants might expect as a consequence of taking part in the program.


Eligibility – the contest is open to everyone.

There is no age limit.

The contest is open to individuals exclusively.

Technical criteria – there is no fixed matrix or assessment criterion. All works shall be assessed individually by the expert committee and the winners will be selected by consensus.

The photographs must be in .jpeg format. The size of any individual entry should not exceed 20 MB.

The submitted work must not contain material offensive to a particular community, group, individual or institution.

The photographs can be edited only by cropping and making minor adjustments to colors and hues.

Each allowed intervention, once made, must be clearly marked at the time of submission.

The photographs that have already been published in any media shall not be taken into consideration and will consequently be disqualified.

The submitted works that have already been rewarded at other contests shall not be taken into consideration and will consequently be disqualified.


The EXIT Foundation retains the right to amend the Terms and conditions at any time without previous notification. The amended terms and conditions shall come into effect as soon as they are published on the Creative History Balkans Tour website. Important amendments to the Terms and conditions shall also be posted on the project’s website.

Only the courts in Serbia will deal with any possible disputes arising in relation to this contest.

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